Learning from your customers

Dan and I PiccadillyDo you know how your customers use your product?  It seems like a simple answer to a dumb question, but sometimes, those are the ones that you have an iceberg of an answer for.  Companies are often surprised to learn how differently customers use their products from how or what they intended.  Sometimes of course, this results in new legal warnings, but other times, the company is actually able to learn something.

Samsung’s new DualView line of digital cameras is a great example of what can happen when you pay attention to your customers.  When camera’s were still film reliant, consumers did whatever they could to make sure every picture was a winner because otherwise they were wasting money developing bad pictures.  Digital cameras of course have changed that.  Consumers are a lot less likely to worry about pictures not coming out because it no longer matters if it takes one time or ten times to get the shot.  The arm length self-portrait shot has become commonplace, but as many people complain, it’s often difficult to get the shot you want unless you’re willing to take several shots.  This is where Samsung has paid attention and gotten innovative.  To be honest, I can’t believe it took this long for one of the camera companies to do this, nor do I think it will be alone on the market for long.  What Dan and Me before a Mammoth gameSamsung has done is put a small screen on the front of the camera so you can see what you’re actually taking a picture of if you’re taking a self portrait.  They have some additional features that you can use the front screen for, but this is a big one.

Are you listening to your customers?