Ed Collins

Director of Sales & Marketing, Ross PrintMarketing, Inc.

“Melissa and I worked together while she was at CLE and Ross provided print marketing services. I found Melissa to be very organized and detailed oriented. I have worked with many marketing people in my years and very few possess the ability to think beyond their task at hand about the details that could come back and bite you later, but Melissa is very astute and caring about her work. In my line of work word gets around in my industry about difficult clients and not only have I nevr heard a bad word regarding her, but I have actually heard others comment on her professionalism. I would recommend her any job that requires a free thinker, a positive attitude and a detailed oriented professional. Sincerely, Ed Collins Ross PrintMarketing, Inc.”

Charlene Moser

Instructor – Professional Certificate in Direct Marketing Program, Colorado State University

“Melissa Dafni was a standout from day one! She is an extremely bright and insightful professional with a natural marketing instinct that I don’t often see in my classes. Always driven to learn, think critically and work hard, Melissa was able to apply her newfound knowledge the next day to benefit her employer and her career. I recommend her fully and without a bit of hesitation!”

Caroline Kert

Program Attorney, CLE International

“Melissa was a detail-oriented worker who was reliable and focused on getting me the right information in a timely fashion. She was able to balance the need for managing details with the big picture. She is personable, professional and a joy to work with. I would highly recommend her to future employers.”

Jill Noelle Shannon

Marketing Coordinator, CLE International

“Melissa is an insightful and data driven marketer. She is able to see the forest and the trees in the modern marketplace. Melissa is quite savvy in information sharing and technology advancement. Always a pleasure, Melissa is keen to learn and to share her knowledge with others.”

Jeff Finkelstein

Owner, Customer Paradigm

“Melissa is terrific! I’ve worked with her in the past with email marketing and website development, and her attention to detail and devotion to the job is fabulous.”

Scott McKenzie

CRM & Sales Supervisor – Direct Hit Marketing, Inc.

“Melissa is an outstanding marketing professional who strives for excellence in project management and coordinating marketing responsibilities. She is detail oriented and organized, with exceptional prioritization skills and has the ability to effectively balance conflicting priorities. When our company worked for her she was part of an excellent team at CLE and I also saw her networking frequently at association meetings and events. She would be a valuable member to any team or project.”

Jim Albany

President / Owner, Annex Print & Mail Solutions

“Melissa was a detailed oriented, creative, and consciencious client. She was able to work in a fast paced environment and work independently to get things done. The pressure was always on with tight deadlines to meet. I would recommend Melissa for marketing position in any company. She is able to adjust and get along with her coworkers.”

Sam Walters

National Training Manager, Compliance Solutions Occupational Trainers, Inc.

“Melissa is brilliant website administrator with an amazing talent for detail. She is extremely creative and strives for absolute perfection in the design of the site and the operations of the school. Melissa’s dedication to this aspect of her life also equates to her talents in the business world, specifically in marketing. She is a highly educated business professional with great talents in many different areas. I highly endorse and recommend Melissa for any endeavor she attempts.”